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Newnham was runner-up in the Sunday Times’ 101 Best Places to Live in Britain, after the area was praised for offering “country living in the heart of Cambridge”, with a “genuine village atmosphere”, wide range of shops, and good schools, plus nearby beauty sports such as Sheep’s Green and Coe Fen.

Newnham is unique in Cambridge in the way that the urban and the rural sit side by side. Interesting local shops are just one street away from meadows, wildlife and woods. The city scape is characterised by big trees, many of which are left over from old orchards or the gardens of big houses.


According to Move with US, homes in the CB1 postcode are on the market for an average of just 16 days, making central Cambridge one of the most competitive property markets in the country. With many Victorian houses getting 100 viewers in a matter of days, this research confirms what I am seeing on the ground. It is pretty rare to find yourself alone when viewing house in central postcodes as the agents book in multiple viewers. More commonly, you are squeezing past people on the stairs as you look around, seeing the same faces as owner occupiers and investors fight over limited housing stock. To read more click here.